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Welcome to Holmes Engineering. Our website offers 12 free books for musicians and those who love old audio equipment. We also sell the Red Harp Commander, a tool  for harmonica players to connect all their equipment and play live through the Public Address system so they can be heard above the guitar.


Ron started out fixing his friends’ musical equipment when he was a junior in high school after his Dad offered him a tiny shop at the back of their family shoe store. As he became better at his craft, he modified equipment to make it sound better.





















In 2002, he was so frustrated with the lack of equipment for harmonica players, he designed the first Harp Commander as a tribute to his father who played in a band in the 1940’s.


Ron uses the computer to design the printed circuit boards which are made by Beta Circuits of Silicon Valley, California http://www.betacircuits.com/index.html and the enclosures made by Midwest Metals Finishing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

http://www.mwestmp.com/  The design process involves locating objects down to 1/1000th of an inch.


Each component was hand-selected from all over the world. Each unit is put together one at a time. We currently sell from a waiting list. (Those on the list, receive information as units become available. Being on the list does not obligate you to buy the unit and you are never billed until the unit is ready to be shipped.)





Ron is a full member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) He previously worked for the University of Iowa Department of Physics and Astronomy where he was on the team that created the Dynamics Explorer I satellite.


He holds a lifetime First Class Radiotelephone FCC License and was a broadcast engineer in the United States Air Force and later in the San Francisco Bay Area.


As a consultant, he has designed and sometimes fabricated the electronics for several commercial microphones, studio audio products such as precision preamplifiers, equalizers, processors and a stereo tube & SS reverb effect unit for studios.


He is co-designed of the Holmes-Powell Headphone Amplifier which won the Golden Ear Award from Absolute Sound.



Holmes Family Shoes

449 Main Street

Longmont, Colorado


Circa 1955

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